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Roland V1-HD – HDMI Seamless Switcher

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Roland V1-HD – HDMI Seamless Switcher


Item Description

If you spend more time trying to work your editing software than actually editing your footage, then you need the Roland V-1HD video switcher. This compact version of the type of control panels used in television studios lets you add the same sort of smooth transitions, special effects, subtitles and picture in picture functions. Thanks to four HDMI inputs and audio inputs, you can mix images and sound to create the perfect video, using the mixer’s well-organised controls.

V-1HD: effects

The V-1HD supports 720p, 1080p and 1080i HD images, so your footage will look great no matter what device you attach to it. With eight large buttons, you can easily choose between various sources and then switch between them using the lever. The mixer’s various on-board effects allow you to add a smaller image on top of the bigger image (picture in picture), split the screen in two, or change the background when working with a green screen. There are also a number of visual effects that you can use in real time.


Adding sound separate from your images is also no problem using the V-1HD. For this purpose, you have RCA and mini jack inputs at your disposal, as well as the HDMI inputs. With the delay function you can ensure that the sound matches the images perfectly, or you can use the BPM sync button for this purpose. Even more advanced functions will soon be available using the V-1HD’s RCS application for PC, MAC and iPad. The app will increase the number of options available to you and even add wireless functionality.

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