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Pair of Gas Flambeaux’s

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Item Description

Pair of Gas Flambeaux’s

A Pair of Gas Flambeaux’s will help you create a truly spectacular entrance at your next event. You can easily get carried away with how your venue looks on the inside, but the outside is the first part that your guests will see. Make sure you give them a special arrival to remember with a Hollywood Style entrance! For a real 5* VIP vibe, add on some red carpet with ropes & posts!

Standing an impressive 7ft tall and coloured black, gas flambeaux’s make a dramatic statement. They are capable of operating in all weathers and come equipped with lighter and full bottle of patio gas bottle, lasting up to 8 hours.Our flambeaux’s are extremely simple to operate but very effective in their performance.

Key Features:

  • Sleek black stands standing 7ft tall
  • Black box to encase the gas canisters
  • Full bottle of patio gas and lighter included
  • 100% real flames!

Full safety inspections and cleaning are carried out on all units with each new hire, checking for gas spillages and any damages.

Please note that when booking flambeaux’s, they are a delivery only item and not available to collect from our warehouse. Please enquire here for a transportation quote.

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