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Absen A3 Pro LED Panel

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Item Description

Absen A3 Pro LED Panel

The Absen A3 Pro LED Panel presents a stunning and professional display option for live events. The LED display provides striking high-resolution images on a 0.5m x 0.5m panel with a pixel pitch of 3.9mm. The A3 Pro offers super high brightness (5000 nit) and contrast to deliver stunning content. Alongside this high quality, the Absen A3 Pro comes with a >2000Hz refresh rate, meaning content will be ghost and flicker free.

The panels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events with a front IP rating of IP65. They are robust but lightweight, making construction and maintenance when creating a larger panel simple and effective.

Key features:

  • 5m x 0.5m Panel
  • Pixel pitch: 3.9mm
  • Panel Weight: 9.5kg
  • Pixel matrix: 128 x 128
  • IP Rating Front/Rear: IP65/IP54
  • Brightness nit: 5000
  • Refresh rate Hz: 3840


Absen HBB (High Brightness Black) utilizes Absen Common Cathode technology. This is a powerful solution for driving high resolution black LED at ultra-high brightness. Precise dual power output of 2.8V and 3.8V mitigates the heat dissipation problems in LED operation with voltage drop, increasing the luminous efficiency of red light. Achieved via the die-casting AL cabinet with heat plate, extraordinary heat dissipation, colour consistency and uniformity in your image is guaranteed.

Available to hire as a single panel or in multiples to create a larger LED display, these panels are versatile in their use. Whether showing a video or presentation, the panels seamless design delivers extremely high quality every time.

Want to know more about the Absen A3 Pro LED Panels and how they can help at your next event? Contact us today to discuss.

Technical Specification

Pixel Configuration: Common Cathode Black SMD 1921

Panel Dimension WxHxD (mm): 500x500x8

Viewing Angle (hor./vert.): 140/120

Gray Scale per Colour Level: 14

Power ConsumptionMax./Avg. m2: 750/250